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Steven Barnett



     Date of Birth:       15 June 1979

    Home Town:       Croydon Park, NSW

     Resides:                Abbotsford, NSW

    Former Coach:     Hui Tong, Wang Tong Xiang
                             Australian Institute of Sport
Coach:    Salvador Sobrino,
                                     New South Wales Institute of Sport

     Scholarships:       Australian Institute of Sport

     Club:                      Barnett Divers

     Height:                  175cm

     Weight:                 75kg




-  3rd      3 Metre Synchro      2004 Athens Olympic Games

 1st      3 Metre Synchro      USA Grand Prix, Woodlands, 2003

-  1st      1 metre, 3metre       Open Championships, Hobart, 2003 

-  3rd      1 Metre                  2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games

2nd      3 Metre Synchro      FINA World Cup, Seville, 2002

-  2nd      3 Metre Synchro       FINA World Cup, Sydney, 2000




Steven had the opportunity at an early age to be introduced to diving as both his parents were divers and he was on the boards by the age of 4.


He was a scholarship holder with the New South Wales Institute of Sport until he joined the Australian Institute of Sport in May 1999. Prior to moving to the AIS in Brisbane, Steven worked with his Father in their diving boards business.


When not at the diving pool, Steven loves "mucking about in cars" and has already competed in several drag car meets.  If diving wasn't such a priority, he would love to be a racing car driver full time.  He still likes relaxing playing around with old cars but lately golf has taken over as the number one relaxation priority. 


A keen golfer, Steven became more serious during 2003 and was rewarded by becoming the C grade Club Champion at Gainsborough Greens in Queensland and moved up into B grade. In mid 2003 he played off 17.


His proudest moments in diving were winning a bronze medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in the Men's 3 Metre Synchronised Springboard, with team member Robert Newbery. Steven also achieved a bronze medal in the 1 metre springboard event at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester and silver in the 3 metre synchro event at the 2000 Diving World Cup with former team mate Dean Pullar.




Year    International Event                1M      3M      10M    3M Sync  

2005    China Grand Prix, Zhuhai                 5th                 3rd     
2005    Canada Grand Prix, Montreal            12th               8th     
2005    USA Grand Prix, Fort Lauderdale       15th                         
2004    Athens Olympic Games                                         3rd

          World Cup, Athens                          6th                2nd     

          China Grand Prix, Zhuhai                  6th                2nd     
          Grand Prix Super Final, Mexico City    7th                 3rd     

2003    Mexico Grand Prix, Juarez                3rd                           

          USA Grand Prix, Woodlands              23rd                1st     
          Canada Grand Prix, Victoria              7th                 7th     

          China Grand Prix, Zhuhai                  5th                 3rd    

2002    Comm Games, Manchester               3rd                 5th     
          World Cup, Seville                13th    13th                2nd    

          Canada Grand Prix, Montreal            13th                3rd     

          Southern Cross GP, Gold Cst   5th     2nd                 1st     

2001    Goodwill Games, Brisbane       7th     9th                 4th     

          World Champs, Fukuoka                                        6th     

          USA Grand Prix, Coral Springs                                 6th     

          Canada Cup,  Montreal                                         4th     

2000    USA Grand Prix, Ft Lauderdale          19th               6th     

          Southern Cross GP,Southport  10th    9th                4th     

          Diving World Cup, Sydney                 18th              2nd     

1999    Hong Kong Grand Prix             4th     9th                        

          China Grand Prix, Wenzhou      3rd      7th                        

Year    National  Event                      1M      3M      10M    3M Sync    

2004    National Champs, Hobart         1st        2nd            1st       

2002    National Champs, Adelaide       2nd        3rd            1st       

2001    Goodwill Games Trials, Qld       2nd        2nd                       

          National Champs, Perth           6th        5th             3rd       

2000    National Champs, Melbourne    5th        3rd             1st       

1999    Diving World Cup Trials           2nd        3rd             1st       


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